What Makes Us Special
Caring, Cooperation, Community
What Makes Us Special
Caring, Cooperation, Community
What Makes Us Special
Caring, Cooperation, Community
The Co-op is unlike any other preschool in Dallas. Our unique combination of a stimulating, play-based curriculum, wonderful facilities, experienced and loving teachers, along with the opportunity for parents to be an active part of their child’s first school experience, makes the Co-op a truly special place.

Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood for it alone is the free expression of what is in
a child’s soul.

Friedrich Froebel

We Are a Co-operative School

A co-operative school endeavors to involve parents in the classroom to the best of their ability and to the children’s advantage. In this way, parents and teachers and children may appreciate each other’s uniqueness within the group. The Co-op provides channels for communication so that skills of teaching and parenting may be refined and the operation of the school may be accomplished.

Play-Based Learning

Play is powerful! Play-based learning at Northaven Co-operative Preschool encourages: 
  • imagination;
  • creativity;
  • curiosity;
  • inquiry;
  • a sense of wonder; and
  • language and social skills.

A Safe and Nurturing Environment

According to NAEYC, a high-quality early childhood program provides a safe and nurturing environment while promoting the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of young children. At Northaven Co-operative Preschool, you should find:
  • positive and frequent warm interactions between teachers and their students;
  • planned activities based on children’s age which include listening to stories, blocks, process art, dramatic play, and outdoor play;
  • respect for cultural diversity and inclusive environments;
  • a safe and well-maintained environment;
  • trained teachers and administrators;
  • professional development; 
  • regular communication with families;
  • an open atmosphere where visitors are welcome at all times; and
  • nutritious snacks served family-style.

Small Classes

Our class sizes are based on NAEYC guidelines. We enroll 10 students in our youngest classes and 13 students in our oldest classes, with one teacher and one Co-op parent in the classroom.

We Are About Children

At Northaven Co-op, we are cultivating preschool children’s…
  • willingness to listen to stories;
  • desire to be read to;
  • curiosity about words and letters;
  • exploration of print forms;
  • playfulness with words; and
  • enjoyment of songs, poems, rhymes, jingles, and dramatic play.

What Our Alumni Say

Northaven Co-op will always hold a special place in mine and my family's hearts. Our journey began with our oldest first day in the Fall of 2009, and ended with our youngest in the Spring of 2021. Through those years not only did our kids grow, but we as parents grew. We reminisce every year when we got out the special ornaments that they made, or the special placemats, or just looking through old pictures of them having fun. We fell in love with the fact that it isn't the traditional sit down and do worksheets type of school, but that our kids learned through playing with their friends, doing the fun experiments, and hands-on activities that they didn't realize they were actually learning something, but just having fun. My kids learned how to look at something and think outside the box and use their imagination, to create a pirate ship made from building blocks, how a scarf can be many things, or how a paper towel roll can be made into anything your mind can think of. As we look back on our kids' time there, we love to talk about many memories and friends that we made there. Once a Co-op kid, always a Co-op kid. 
Tom & Adair E With Their 3 Kids - Former Co-Op Family