Our Curriculum
Being a Co-op kid
Our Curriculum
Being a Co-op kid
Our Curriculum
Being a Co-op kid

Our Principles

The curriculum at Northaven Co-operative Preschool is designed upon principles of child development with the purpose of helping children enjoy and manage the world around them while preparing them for the academic life of elementary school. We strive to maintain a balanced awareness between social-emotional and intellectual growth so that each child may establish a basis for feeling good about themself that supports continued growth in skills and learning.

The Co-Op Kid Experience



As Co-op kids, students at Northaven Co-operative Preschool experience:

  • a rich environment with abundant space and materials for growing toddlers and preschoolers;
  • individualized attention given to the needs and growth of each child;
  • a language environment that is rich in print, stories, music and movement, art activities, conversation, and social interaction to encourage the skills of speaking and listening, which provide the foundation for meaningful reading and writing;
  • exposure to the rich and varied literature written for young children;
  • a practical approach to mathematics, using “real” experiences for learning numbers and their meaning and application;
  • science and social studies as learned from the world around us through classroom experiments, growing things, caring for animals, and many other first-hand experiences, including field trips for older children;
  • physical growth enhanced by a well-equipped playground, a large muscle room, and materials and activities designed for developing small muscle skills;
  • creative experiences in music, art, movement, drama, and literature, with each child allowed ample time and space to pursue their own particular strengths and interests for individual expression;
  • emotional growth as children are encouraged to deal with their feelings in open and constructive ways; and
  • social growth abundantly stimulated by peer interaction and by the variety of parents naturally present in a co-operative school setting, working directly with the children and sharing their own strengths and interests.

What Our Students Say

My favorite thing about the Co-op is the playground. It’s fun because of the hill slide. We like to take turns chasing each other down the slide!
Lucia - Co-op Kid in 3's & 4's Class