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Latest News
Mar 04th

Great news! We have limited number of spaces still available for two and three year olds for the coming school year!

Schedule a personal tour and see for yourself what makes The Co-Op such a rich, rewarding and nurturing place for your precious kids and for your family as a whole.

We would love to welcome some new families into our school community for 2017-2018.

The Co-Op is unlike any other preschool in Dallas. Our unique combination of stimulating curriculum, incredible facilities, experienced and loving teachers and the opportinuty to take an active part in your child's first steps along their lifetime learning path makes the Co-Op truly a special place.

Come visit us soon, places are very limted.

Mar 04th

Enrollemnt for the school year commencing Fall 2017 opened to the general public on Friday February 15.

Spaces are limted, call us for current availability.

History and Philosophy
<p><font color="#21a839" size="4">History</font></p> <p>Northaven Co-operative Preschool and Kindergarten has been in existence since 1969. It was started by a group of mothers interested in an alternative, quality preschool that was different from others they had found in Dallas. In the Co-op environment,&nbsp;parents take turns assisting the teacher in the classsroom. &nbsp;The parents whose children are enrolled in the school operate the Co-op.</p> <p>Northaven Co-operative Preschool is non-sectarian, valuing variety and differences in background among its families, with a deep commitment to the growth and education of children. It is an extension into the community of the Northaven United Methodist Church&rsquo;s respect for openness in human relationships, for the worth of the individual, and for cooperation among many adults as they care for children and for each other. For more information on the Northaven United Methodist Church, please visit <a href="http://www.northaven.org"><font color="#000080">www.northaven.org</font></a>.</p> <p><font color="#21a839" size="4">Philosophy</font></p> <p><strong>The Vision </strong></p> <p>Our first priority, always, is to nurture students and families, creating an environment for learning and growth.</p> <p>We create this environment by partnering with families to provide early school experiences that offer opportunities for children:</p> <ul> <li>To use their large muscles vigorously and with increasing control;</li> <li>To explore small muscle skills;</li> <li>To experience the environment through all their senses;</li> <li>To become aware of their own feelings and emotions as natural and acceptable and to learn to express them in constructive ways;</li> <li>To enjoy the company of other boys and girls;</li> <li>To see themselves as individuals in relationship to other children and adults;</li> <li>To grow in independence, self-confidence, and self-control;</li> <li>To explore books, games, fantasy and role-playing, blocks, water, sand, words, print and number concepts, art media, and music and movement; and</li> <li>To sharpen their abilities to observe, pay attention, follow directions, and communicate, while nurturing a sense of wonder.</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Our Mission
<p>To nurture the development of the whole child and provide parents with the opportunity to participate directly in the education of their young children.</p>
They entered public school fully ready to take on the world!
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