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<p><strong>What:</strong>&nbsp;Student art show, pajama story time, refreshments<br /> <strong>When:&nbsp;</strong>February 8, 2018<br /> <strong>Where:&nbsp;</strong>Preston-Royal Barnes &amp; Noble</p>
<p><strong>What:</strong>&nbsp; Our annual fundraising gala<br /> <strong>When:</strong>&nbsp; March 3, 2018<br /> <strong>Where:&nbsp;</strong> The Clubs of Prestonwood</p>
<p><strong>What:</strong>&nbsp; Meet the teachers, tour the school, and enjoy coffee and refreshments.&nbsp;Open house for grandparents and special friends.<br /> <strong>When:</strong>&nbsp; April 4, 2018<br /> <strong>Where:</strong>&nbsp; Northaven Co-op</p>
Latest News
Jan 15th
<p>Schedule a personal tour and see for yourself what makes the Co-op such a rich, rewarding and nurturing place for your child, and for your family as a whole.</p> <p>The Co-op is unlike any other preschool in Dallas.&nbsp; Our unique combination of stimulating, play-based curriculum, wonderful facilities, experienced and loving teachers along with the opportunity to be an active part of your child&rsquo;s first school experience makes the Co-op a truly special place.</p> <p>We would love to welcome you into our school community for 2018-2019.&nbsp; Come visit us soon, places are limited.</p>
Jan 15th
<p>Enrollment for the 2018-1019 school year will open to the general public in mid-February 2018.</p>
Being a Co-op Family

As a Co-op family, you will join a community of lifelong learners. Together we create a diverse learning environment that supports each of us in our ongoing development as parents, teachers, students, and community members.

Co-op parents take turns assisting the teacher in the classroom and bringing a healthful, nut-free snack when it is their turn to co-op. Students love being “the Co-op Kid” that day. Parents also serve on school committees. Read more in our Parent Responsibilities page.

What our Families Say:

“I love the Northaven  Co-op because we are surrounded by families who want to take an active role in their children’s educational experience.”

C. S. Co-op parent since 2011.

“My favorite thing about the Co-op is getting to know such wonderful families and being able to observe my children's interactions with others. There’s no other type of preschool that would give me such insight into my child’s development.” 

B.N. Co-op parent since 2005.

"Our children grow up so fast.  I love that the co-op gives me an opportunity to actively assist my child's teacher.  I can see firsthand what my son is learning, the friendships he is forming, and how he is maturing and developing.  There are so many special moments that I would have missed if I weren't a Co-op parent!  Co-op families are so special.  While there is no typical co-op family, I love that we all share in the belief that being actively involved in our child's preschool not only helps the school...it provides invaluable experiences to our children and to our families." 

H.K.  Co-op parent 2013-2015

“We felt really comfortable coming into the Co-op with our 2-year-old. The director gave us a personal tour and answered all of our questions. The schedule is unique - consecutive days of programming. This consistency really helps the kids adjust to a school experience. We’ve had three fabulous years here now. I would recommend the Co-op to any parent. It is a unique gift to be able to participate directly in your child’s first educational experience.”

K. Co-op parent since 2008.

"The Co-op gave my husband and me the extraordinary opportunity to be fully present in our sons’ classrooms and engage in their educational experience first-hand. Participating directly in our children’s preschool afforded us unique insight into their intellectual, social, and emotional development and allowed us to develop close relationships with the families of their peers as members of a truly cooperative community.”

Co-op parent 2004-2011.

“The Fours & Fives class was a great success for my son. A year ago, we were really struggling with the question of whether or not to send him to kindergarten. We knew he would be bored repeating a PK4 curriculum, but we also knew he needed some extra time to mature. Kathy’s class was amazing. His transition year with her allowed our son to explore new subjects and materials while focusing on his social and emotional growth. Now we know he is completely ready for kindergarten.”

Co-op parent 2007-2010.

“The Co-op is an amazing place! We feel that we are a part of a wonderful community of families that treasures children, and values learning through experience and play. We feel so lucky that all of our kids will have the Co-op experience.”

Co-op parent 2006-2013.

“The Co-op is more to me than just a preschool. It is truly a “family” where you know your children will be taught with the same loving kindness you give to them at home. I have loved having the opportunity to be a part of my child’s development and seeing her in the classroom in a way most parents aren’t able to. There is no better preschool in Dallas!”

Co-op parent 2008-2011.

“I was a Co-op parent of 3 children for a cumulative 15 years! The co-op experience nurtured their emotional, social and creative growth and I became a better parent because of our years there. They were allowed to be kids yet at the same time the “curriculum” was thoughtful, thorough and engaging. They entered public school fully ready to take on the world.”

Co-op parent 1996-2011.

“One of my favorite parts of the Co-op is that I have been able to watch my children’s social interactions. I love that parents play an integral part of their kids’ experiences at this school because that opportunity lessens as kids grow up and move on to a “traditional” school.”

Co-op parent 2005-2011. 

Our Mission

To nurture the development of the whole child and provide parents with the opportunity to participate directly in the education of their young children.

A wonderful community of families!
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